Posted by: Greg | April 10, 2018

Feeling Anxious, Tired, Stressed Out?

61908-canon-small2Modern life has created a pace and lifestyle that wasn’t intended when the mind/body was created.  Lifestyle changes in the last fifty years are wrecking havoc on our nervous systems.  Did you know that after 90 minutes of intense focus and work, your mind craves a brief mental break.  In the absence of that break, your mind provides added doses of adrenaline to avoid mental fatigue.  This cycle is great in short bursts, but bad for everyday life.  Over extended periods of time, running on too much adrenaline can lead to low levels of energy, anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue.

My approach to counseling involves a combination of traditional talk therapy, alongside learning and using mind/body techniques that help to reshape your energy and mind.   My passion has been on discovering and creating tools that are easy to learn, highly effective and can be used “while on the run.”

People who have worked with me report…

  • relief from brain fog

  • less worry and anxiety

  • greater clarity

  • being more present

  • more fulfilling relationships

  • a greater sense of joy

  • increased energy for their journey

 There is hope and things can be different.  I am here to help you to make needed changes that will energize your journey.

You can contact me by phone at 401.265.2951 or by email at