I have always been drawn to opportunities that creates energy, vitality and connection.  “Energizing the Journey” has been a work in process for the past 30 years of my professional life.  I have enjoyed both vitality and burnout in my work as pastor, police chaplain, therapist and relational management trainer/consultant.  At times in my work, I have experienced compassion fatigue through workaholic hours, exposure to traumatic stress, and a brain that has it’s own issues with winter in New England.

The Providence Journal featured my work as a Police Chaplain/Counselor at Ground Zero in NYC following 9.11.  Since that time, I have spent signficant time educating myself around issues related to the brain and stress (traumatic or otherwise).  This has resulted in discovering and refining several “power techniques” that provide highly effective and efficient results for stress and mind management.

In my energy “toolbox,” Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping therapy), EMDR, Brainwave Music and Sound Therapy (Himalayan Singing Bowls, Drumming, Didgeridoo, Native Flute and BAUD – Bio Acoustical Utilization Device) and Brainspotting (BSP) are just a few of the mind/body techniques that provide the effective and rapid results.  These “power techniques” are effective for creating renewal and rebooting the mind, body and spirit.

My marriage of nearly thirty  years and two kids into young adulthood provide at different times an anchor, connection, humor and always context for growth.  My personal and professional roles provide plenty of opportunity to try out and experiment with different renewal techniques while “on the run.”


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