Mental Rebooting Techniques

Rebooting can be accomplished by changing our thoughts which can change how we feel or working by shifting our nervous system by working directly with our body.  When work and life stressors trigger your primitive brain into an emergency response, up to 80 per cent of the blood can leave your the front part of your brain, pouring stress chemicals into your bloodstream.  Then primitive stress emotions flood your mind and body as you proceed through another challenge of modern civilized world.  All this takes place with the inherited biochemistry of our early ancestors running to avoid becoming the next meal.  The following mental and emotional techniques can significantly reduce the stress – response cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and adrenalin.  The first three work more directly with your nervous system to create change.  The last two techniques is about changing how we feel by changing how we think and what we focus on.

Brain Wave Music 
While writing term papers in grad school,  I discovered that listening to classical 
music increased mental focus and clarity.  I was able to stay on task for longer periods of time.
Years later, research on the impact of classical music was named the "Mozart Effect."
Today, different companies have developed brain wave music that is highly effective.  
Listening to brain wave music that increases  Theta Waves for  5 - 15 minutes can 
rapidly eliminate mental fatigue.  The following brain wave music titles can be 
sample or purchased through  I also recommend bio-music which can be 
sampled and purchased at  You can also read more about this topic 
by clicking on...
Just look for the Brain Sync image and click over to the Brain Sync web site.  The following 
are my recommendations.  "Brain Massage" is good for mental rebooting (delta and beta waves).  
Don't underestimate the effectiveness of sound for mental rebooting.

            High Focus                 - Beta/Gamma

            Total Relaxation        - Alpha

            Deep Learning           – Theta

            Sound Sleep                - Delta                          


 The Dimmer Switch (One Eye Technique)

 This is based on a bi-lateral theory of the brain (oversimplified left is logical – right is emotional).   Rate your stress or feeling intensity on a scale of 1 -10 (SUDS) Keeping both eyes open, place your hand over your left eye to block input.  For some folk, covering their right eye provides more relief.  So you can give each a try to see which works better for you. Hold for 60 seconds.  Relaxation breathing during this time will create added benefits.  After one minute, rate your feeling intensity on the same scale.  Most persons report a reduction of 2 – 4 in intensity.  Repeat to bring further down in intensity.  Combine this technique with Relaxation Breathing for best results.


Mental Acupressure

 Tap 5 – 7 times (or as long as feels helpful) at point located at the beginning of your eye brow EB, same on the side of your eye SE, same under you eye UE, same under nose UN, same under lower lip UL, at your collar bone point (where the neck meets the notch in your collar bone) tap with your open palm for 7 – 10 times.   Take a deep breath and notice changes in body sensations, images, feelings and thoughts.  Some find it helpful to name the distress out loud by saying  “this ____ (ex. “work stress”) at each of the designated points.   Whether you use words or not, the point is to aim your attention at what is bothering you or at how you are experiencing the problem.  Keep tapping until you feel better.  This process can increases blood flow to parts of the brain associated with relaxation and the feeling of mental indigestion.  By changing the way our nervous system is firing we can interrupt the  ”fight or flight” response. 

Here is my video for locating the points.

Rumination Stopper

This is effective for stopping worry that involves mental rumination on things at work beyond your control.  It is a variation of the Serenity Prayer.   Relaxation breathing provides added benefit. 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…….. (verbally list the things that you are worrying about or trying to change that you have no control over- usually they are people, places or things)

The courage to change the things I can;…….. (name the things that you can change, usually it is your response to the situation)  and wisdom to know the difference.


Power Questions 

When facing difficulties, frustrations or resistance find a way to change your viewing or doing of the problem.  Change your perception by asking these two empowering questions. 

  • What is Great About This?

  • How Can I Use This?

  • What is the next step? 


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