Workshop: “…. The Journey

“Energizing the Journey: Catching Your Breath While On The Run” is  workshop designed to provide an experience regarding the “dynamics of energy management” and how to implement brief, easy to learn and use mind/body techniques.  You can increase your vitality and passion for life through these simple brain based tools for rebooting the mind and spirit.  Understanding how to effectively manage the four energy sources is key to feeling connected to your best self. 

  Topics Include

  • Understanding Energy Management

  • Assessing the Four Sources

  • Quick and Easy-to-Use Renewal Rituals

  • Actions Steps for Managing Energy


  In this workshop participants will learning how to… 

  • Clear mental clutter

  • Enhance focus

  • Shift emotions

  • Raise energy levels

  • Raise their vitality 


 Participants have described the rapid reduction of worry and stress as the greatest “take away” from this workshop.  The “brain based” mind/body techniques were described as “amazing,” “unbelievably powerful,” and “highly effective.”


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